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Delivery Service

We operate our own fleet of specialist bulk delivery vehicles  which blow wood pellets directly into your store or silo.

We do not use outside haulage companies or agency delivery drivers.

Our Vehicles and Our Drivers means you get a quality delivery from the experts... every single time.

We deliver from 2 tonnes to 19 tonnes on each delivery and have a different size vehicles to suit everyone-

8-wheeler bulk-blower

These are our largest vehicles carrying up to 19 tonnes.   These vehicles are generally used on sites with larger access for example commercial properties or farms.

6-wheeler bulk-blower

These are our mid-range vehicles carrying up to 16 tonnes.   These vehicles are rear-steer meaning they are excellent for getting into tight spaces but still hold a large amount of wood pellets.

4-wheeler bulk-blower

These are our smallest vehicles carrying up to 10 tonnes.   These vehicles might be the smallest of the fleet but they give us a huge advantage over our competitors.   Most Wood Pellet Companies don't have these small vehicles but we do!   Meaning we can get almost anywhere including residential properties with tight drives or small primary schools.

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